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Roxyrola, Our little old lady

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The Antique Book

This book of poetry was written by my Great-Grand Aunt Josephine Hancock Logan. Her sister, Flora Ella Hancock, was my Great-Grandmother who has quite a history about her (but, another time for that story.) Josephine's poetry book was published in 1932. I've got to find a lovely little stand for this book which will also display the really cool bookmark from my niece.

I bought this book on Ebay while searching on Google for information on my ancestors. As I read some of Josephine Hancock Logan's poetry, I couldn't help but wonder how she ever got someone to publish it. The poetry is somewhat depressing and though poetry has never been my thing, I don't think this book ever made the best seller list. My sister asked me why I am keeping the book if it isn't uplifting or beautiful. I am not a person to keep EVERYTHING, but I do like to keep things of historical sentiment or value--this is why I keep my hubby in my life. Here are a couple examples of my dear Aunt Josephine's work:


Some people love dogs--
I don't, by the way--
Yet despite distaste I was intrigued
At the approach of one who loves dogs
Three biased toward him
Each holding up eager muzzle
With quivering scarlet tongue
Waiting, panting and alert
Quite jealous for the pat
Or for the spoken word--
All a-tremble--
Though I liked not dogs
I was intrigued.

When I go
Gently drop the curtain
Dim the lights;
Just know a breath has ceased;
A heart no longer beats
After that--no one knows--
No one.
So if my intimate family
Holds for a moment a silent tribute--
Not grieving--
Just knowing that I was beloved
And that I...knew--